Facts & Figures


On average in one year, we will share 415 pieces of content on Facebook, we’ll spend an average of about 23 minutes a day on Twitter, tweeting a total of around 15,795 tweets, we’ll check in 563 times on Foursquare, upload 196 hours of video on YouTube, and send countless emails.

More than ½ of mobile users take calls and search online while using the bathroom.

Places Where QR Codes Are Most Likely Read:

  • Museums 10%
  • Restaurants 14%
  • Billboards 15%
  • Other 3%
  • Retail outlets 29%
  • Magazines  30%

Source: compnetwork

Despite the Facts Some Local Businesses Are Still Ignoring Mobile Users:

  • 17% Run a mobile Friendly site
  • 31% Have customised their main site for mobile users
  • 39% Still haven’t done anything to make their site mobile friendly.
  • 80% of consumers say negative reviews have STOPPED them from buying a product or service even if it’s been recommended by a friend.

Source – Harvard studies


If Twitter was a Country it would be the 12th largest in the world.