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Discover How Google Loves Your Business

It might sound an odd thing to say, especially in the middle of a recession, but there really has never been a better opportunity for businesses to thrive and prosper. We are literally in the middle of a cultural and marketing revolution where all the traditional rules of advertising and marketing are being re-written.

GOOGLE1A few years ago if small and local businesses wanted to expand and attract a bigger client base, they would have to spend an inordinate amount of money on marketing and advertising.

The only way to reach a national or International audience would be to advertise in the national press, on the radio or on television.

This was (and is) beyond most local company’s means. Not many businesses have a marketing budget that would allow them to spend millions on a national or even local TV advertisement.

It was also frustrating for the consumer too. Finding businesses meant searching through the Yellow Pages and then ringing around to see if the company could provide what they were looking for. If they wanted to buy a product and it wasn’t available in their local area, they would have to travel to get it. Or in some cases, they could order via a catalogue or mail order company.

In addition, there was the uncertainty of whether the retailer they were buying from was reputable, especially if it was in a town or city that they were not familiar with.

With the fantastic invention of the Internet, how things have changed!

Consumers have ditched the Yellow Pages to find companies selling goods they want and they no longer have to travel to another part of the country to locate and purchase goods. They now rely almost entirely on the Internet to guide them to products and services that they want.

They are able to read online reviews from other consumers informing them all about both the product or service and the retailer themselves.

They don’t even need to be sitting in their homes or offices to do this. That information is freely available right there at their fingertips on their mobile phones.

It could not be easier.

It has also had knock on benefits for the retailers too. The internet is an essential, cost effective marketing and promotional tool.

Local companies now have a platform to compete on an equal level with the ‘big boys’ and can promote their business to the world. They no longer have to spend millions advertising to a national and international audience. Effective marketing is a mere drop in the ocean to what it used to cost and in a lot of cases it can be done free by word of mouth on social networking sites and in the search engines.

Then, just when you think that things couldn’t get any easier, Google decide that they want to show you some love by making an even easier and more effective way for you to promote your business with the launch of Google Plus Local.

What Is Google Plus Local?

If you are not familiar with Google Plus Local you are going to love it and be very excited.

Google created Google Plus Local as a way to combine its search engine, social networking and business directory features.

What this means is customers can now search out and find detailed information on local restaurants, shops and other services without having to do multiple searches.  Everything is linked and available at their fingertips.

Google’s aim is for every business to take advantage of this powerful and popular tool and use their dedicated page as an effective advertising platform for their company.

Google assigns each business its own page. On your company’s very own Google Plus Local page you can include maps, contact details, photographs and other important information relating to your business. Once your page is set up and ready, your customers can use the page to rate your company, write reviews and add photos. Your page will be visible in Google search results and on Google maps.

Google WANTS your company to be found and makes it easy for customers to discover you.

It has added a feature called Zagat ranking and is an important feature of the business directory. Zagat uses a 30 point scale to rate different aspects of a company. For instance, if you owned a restaurant, customers could rate your food, décor and service using a rating system from ‘poor’ to ‘perfection’.

It gives you an opportunity for your business to shine on the Internet and bring customers flocking to your premises or to use your services.

Why Google Plus Local Helps Your Business RECESS5

Everybody knows Google. It is the most popular and important search engine on the Internet. It constantly evolves and changes to make the search experience even better for both the consumer and retailer.

Google Plus Local is based on its predecessor; Google Places.  Google Places gave businesses the option to include a map and some basic information about their business, and in most cases this would rank it on the first page of a Google search.

That was enormously successful and was a huge help in getting local businesses found easily by customers looking for their types of products or services.

The most significant change with this new and updated version is its complete integration with the ‘Google Plus’ social network, which some claimed was Google’s answer to Facebook.

While the social networking aspect of Google Plus is not as successful or popular as Facebook at the moment, it is gaining more and more members as businesses catch on to how powerful this concept is for their company.

For example:

  • Your business page will now be included in Google’s index, making it much more visible in searches.
  • People’s searches results will be heavily influenced by their friends and families reviews and ratings.
  • Through your Google Plus Local page you will be able to respond and interact with your customers directly so that you can build a rapport with them and gain customer loyalty.
  • People using the Google social network can share and post comments linking to your business.

How Your business Can Use Google Plus Local

The main benefit of this service is its ability to increase the profile of your business. It also allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level.

However, just like any other form of advertising, to make the most of your Google Plus Local page you need to develop a clear strategy.

For example, a plan of action would be:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As part of an official Google service, your page already gets a boost in the search engines results. But to make the most of the service, it is still important to continue focusing on SEO. By including relevant keywords, keyword phrases, backlinks, regular updates and other SEO content you can guarantee to not only improve your business’s listings placement but also make sure that your competitors never beat you in the search engine rankings. (Don’t worry if any of this stuff has bamboozled you. We are on hand to help you or do it all for you. The important thing is not to let it put you off or decide to bury your head in the sand and try to ignore it. The internet is not going away.  So in order for your business to be given a fighting chance you need to start now).

Integrate social networking

We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and the importance of Pinterest but don’t ignore the Google Plus social networking site. Google rewards businesses handsomely with higher rankings when companies interact with their customers on the social networking site. It can dramatically improve your profile in the local area.

Making the most of Zagat

The customer ratings you are given will be a very prominent part of your page. Don’t let this scare you. Even the best companies get occasional bad reviews. By encouraging your customers, whatever their comments, to leave a review, you can ensure that you get representative overall results.

Dealing with any negative feedback

As mentioned earlier, every business, no matter how good it is, will get a negative comment from time to time. It is impossible to please everybody all of the time. However it is wise to develop a strategy that deals with negative comments as soon as they occur. Always act in a professional and engaging manner which will stop it causing damage to your reputation.

Potential customers won’t mind the negative review but what they will be interested in is how you handle it. If you rant and rave, call the person who left the comment ‘a liar’ and insult them then new customers won’t deal with you. If, on the other hand, you are courteous and professional and offer a solution, it will reassure new customers to trust and buy from you or use your services.

What Can you Expect From Google Plus Local?

Better Search Ranking

You will definitely see better search rankings. This is important as statistics show the majority of people only visit sites on the first page of their search results. Of that page, the top 3 results are far more likely to be visited than any of the others.

By using Google Plus Local to get your company’s page into this prominent position, you can guarantee more visitors to your website and get more sales.

More Traffic

Once you have increased your search engine rank, placing a link to your official business website on your Google Plus Local page will significantly increase its traffic and the number of customers you will get.

How to Begin

We know that the internet world is daunting for many small businesses. Our worry is that local businesses will either put off taking action or try to completely ignore the internet and kid themselves that it isn’isn’t happening.

Please don’t do that.

If you would rather spend more time running your business and less time trying to promote it online, hiring an online marketing expert like us is the ideal solution. We know exactly what we are doing and can get fast results for your business so you can speed up the process of gaining more customers.

If you or your company has never tried to implement a Google Plus Local strategy before, you could try and do it yourself. To be honest, any action is better than doing nothing at all.

However, there are lots of potential pitfalls to run into. Adding content that yields a very low search engine result, or building up a bad relationship in the social networking area with your customers, are just a couple of the potential problems you could face.

Why not make sure that your company’s Google Plus Local Page is in the hands of professionals who will not only improve your earnings and profits but also help ensure your business’s survival in the future.

Please contact us today. We are here to help and are looking forward to hearing from you.


What’s The Fuss About Google Plus?

There are so many new ways to get information about businesses and branding out onto the internet, and new social media sites being introduced all the time.  It seems every time you look at a blog post, video or online article, there’s a new symbol that has appeared to let you share the content with others.  So it’s no surprise that some get overlooked more than others.

But in among all the tweeting, pinning and facebooking, there is one symbol that has been around for awhile – the rather unassuming ‘+1’ icon, belonging to Google Plus (+).

Google + is relatively new – it was launched at the end of 2011 – but already, it has a total of more than 500 million users worldwide.   While many are familiar with the +1 icon, the Google+ business page, which was introduced at the same time, has gone mainly unnoticed.  But the influence of Google+ is growing fast, and businesses should be joining the growing Google+ trend.  Here, we give you an overview of Google+ and the benefits it has to businesses.

Set Up A Google+ Account

The first things you need in order to benefit from Google+ are:

1. A Gmail email account

2. A Google+ account.

Fortunately, Google make it so easy to do both at the same time, simply by visiting http://plus.google.com

TIP : Take the time to read through the brief overview information and watch the really quick videos (each under 2 minutes).  It will give you a basic understanding of what Google+ is and how it works.

Once you have signed in, you’re ready to start….


You’re In

Before you go anywhere, join anything, make a connection to anyone or hang out anywhere, it’s time to fill out your profile.  When navigating around inside Google+, it’s good to know how to activate the menus.

TIP: Normally, you click on a button or icon to bring up the menu options, but Google+ uses a hover option.  If you hover over things you will find menus and options appear for you.



If you are a little stumped on where to find your profile page, take your cursor up to the top left corner and hover over the ‘Home’ icon.  In the menu that appears below the Home button you will see your profile icon. (You can also access it from the drop-down menu which is to the right of your top left profile picture).

When filling out this information, remember this is going to be seen by your potential new customers, so keep your profile entries more professional than personal.

Google+ profiles include 2 images – a small profile picture that act like an avatar (a small graphic picture that appears next to your posts and activity in Google+), and a cover photo which people see when they visit your profile page.  Both of these images are important to your business profile, but for different reasons.

Profile Picture – Wherever you appear on Google+, (so in any Circle listing, a group, a post entry, etc), your profile image appears next to your name.  It is a little piece of branding that appears every time you do in Google+.

Your profile images should ideally be uploaded at 250 x 250 pixels, and whether you use your profile image or a logo, it should be something that looks good and is recognizable when seen as a small image.  BUT … your Google+ profile picture offers you an amazing opportunity to stand out in the search results.  In among the Google search results, you will see that every now and again, one of the results has not only the title of the article and the webpage link, but a small avatar picture next to it too.

Doesn’t that entry stand out in the search results?  This is their Google+ profile image, and although it doesn’t appear automatically, you too can easily get your profile image to be displayed in Google search results for all your blog and website entries.

How?  It is a feature called ‘Google Authorship’ and you activate the feature from inside your Google+ profile by using the ‘Links’ section.  You can use the link fields to add in and connect to all your websites, blogs and other profiles.   To help verify your authorship, you can use a WP (WordPress) plug-in.  (If you do a quick search in your site’s plug-in directory, you can find a suitable one).

It is well worth putting forth a little time and effort to extend your brand power and increase your visibility in Google search results in this way.  It’s free, it’s very visual and it puts you miles ahead of your competitors.

Cover Picture – The cover picture is the 2nd image in your profile and is a MASSIVE 942 x 180 pixels.  Not only that, but unlike other social media sites, there are no restrictions as to what information can go on it.  So your business can take advantage of this massive billboard and add in calls to action, your website details, promote special offers, offer unique discounts… the possibilities are endless, and no-one is going to reprimand or ban you for doing so.

Once you have your profile sorted, it’s time to look around Google+.  Here is a brief look at some Google+ features:


The Newsfeed

Running through the center of your page is the newsfeed of posts and you can choose  whether to get a general stream of all the posts, or you can see posts from friends, family or other circles that you are connected to on Google+.  You can also leave comments and replies on posts from in the newsfeed.



At home or at work, in our normal lives, we all have circles of friends, family or acquaintances we interact with.  On Google+, you build circles of people you want to communicate to.  It’s not just friends or family, you can build various circles of work colleagues, people you admire or follow or have a common interest with, people you find funny…the possibilities are endless.

Where Circles differs from other social media is you don’t need a formal invitation to connect with someone, so adding someone into a Circle is so easy.  When you come across someone you want to add, hover over their name and it brings you up a list of all the Circles you have created.  All you need to do is tick the Circle or Circles you want to put them in and you’re done, and YES, you can add people to more than one Circle.

Once you’re Circles are set up, you need to start building up your connections.  You don’t need to send the same post to everyone.  You can tailor which Circlesgets that post, so you can send it to as many or as few people as you like, which is great if you want to build up Circles of customers to send out targeted offers to every now and again, or a newsletter.

Since no-one needs to ask or be accepted to join a Circle, Google+ has a really handy ‘Added You’ button.  This function shows people who have put you in one of their Circles.  It makes good business sense to connect back to them and put them in one of your Circles.  Just hover over their name and your list of Circles will appear for you to choose from.



This isn’t difficult at all – you simply type what you want to say into the ‘Share what’s new’ box.  You can pretty much add anything else too – links, pictures or videos.  Once ready to send, you can choose who to send it to.  Below the post you’ve typed there is a ‘+ Add Name…’ field.  You can choose to make it public, send the post to a specific circle or put in individual names in.  But Google+ has a great feature, useful for businesses, in that it fully integrates with Gmail so you can send the post via email to your contact lists.



Businesses can add a business page to their account.  This gives greater flexibility with the cover picture as businesses can choose to either have the one large cover or they can choose to have 5 smaller images at the top of the page.  Not only does this option give businesses the choice to highlight 5 offers or aspects of their business, but it becomes so much easier to keep the display current and fresh simply by changing one or more of the smaller pictures, rather than having to produce an entire new large cover image every time.

A Google+ business page also offers more scope with statistics.  Businesses can use the ‘Discover’ section to be able to see who is sharing their content, as well as ‘+1’ing their posts or content.  Inside the Discover sector, businesses can also spot topics that are beginning to trend, and so stay current.



A community is a group, or forum, which has been created around a certain topic or activity, such as creative writing, fishing, internet marketing, etc.

Some communities are public, so anyone can join and become a member without having to ask, but some communities are closed.  Closed communities are private communities.  They only allow certain individuals in, in which case you need to ask to be allowed to join.

Inside communities, you can control what posts you receive.  Posting in a community is different.  Posts are divided into categories for different types of posts, so you can choose which lines of chatting you listen to.  You can also choose to ‘mute’ receiving replied and updates from specific posts by hovering over and clicking the little ‘v’ at the top right corner of the post.  This removes it from your Home page and prevent you seeing any more replies.

As a business opportunity, communities are great for doing market or product research inside a closed community.  You can invite people who fit in to the target groups of your business to help you gather information and insight while creating a persona of your ideal customer.



Facebook has the ‘Like’.  Pinterest has the ‘Pin It’.  Well Google+ has the ‘+1’, and now that you know about it, you’ll see it all over the internet – in online articles and blog posts, next to pictures and videos and on websites and online shops.

+1 is your way of showing your Google+ Circles what things you like, find interesting or fun, or maybe you have found something you think others will find most useful or informative and you want to share it.  There’s no need to fret about remembering which things you’ve liked or where you saw that really interesting feature.  You profile has a +1 tab, which logs all your +1’s, so you can see them anytime.


Vanity URLs

Often overlooked, but crucial to branding your business, is the way your Google+ web page address appears within the browser. It is what your potential customer will type in or click on and can reinforce your brand’s identity with them.

A Vanity URL is a URL which is customised to reflect your company name. For example, https://plus.google.com/+davidbeckham is the vanity Google+ URL of footballer David Beckham.

The default URL assigned to everyone by Google+ is a long dull, unmemorable string of numbers that will impress no-one, and is instantly forgettable.  Google+ does have a number of Vanity URLs, but is currently only assigning them to people who have either a high celebrity status, high business profile or a very large amount of followers.  As a business, you can request to be given a vanity URL of your own, but unless you fall into one of the three categories mentioned before, it is highly unlikely that you would be successful.

Google+ has promised that more vanity URLs will become available in the future, but until then, there is a way of making your page web address more appealing and memorable.  Sites such as http://gplus.to, http://plus.ly and http://gplusnick.com offer an alternative.  They can set up a vanity URL to replace your current Google+ one.

So, on http://gplus.to,


would become


That looks much better and is much more unforgettable that trying to type 21 numbers in without making a mistake.

GOOGLE2In summary, here are the main benefits for Businesses on Google+

Visual Branding – You can brand your profile with all sorts of marketing strategies, and you can make your Google+ profile appear in Google’s search results every time it brings up your website or blog entry

It is so very easy to separate people out into Circles and then target communication to them

Google+ Business pages offer more flexibility, have very few restrictions on branding and allow greater access to statistics

The huge Cover image is a great Billboard for promotions, special offers, Calls to Action, website and Social media contact details

Google+ offers full integration with Gmail, YouTube and Picasa

You can link to your website and blog easily

You can use Communities to help market and product research for your business.

Google+ is one of the best social media sites to display photographs on.  The images are bigger and are shown off better inside the Google+ photo albums, which is great for displaying pictures of your products.

As you can see Google+ doesn’t just make sense for your business. It is an absolute must have and an essential social network for your company.

You have to jump in, and you know that. The only decision now is what you’re going to do with it.

Whether that’s creating a video series, highlighting your community, or using it for communication, you need to have a Google+ strategy immediately. If you don’t Google+ has the potential to disrupt every single online marketing plan that relies on SEO and social media to get traffic, generate leads, and make more sales.

We realize that you are too busy keeping on top of the day to day running of your business. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done as well as trying to master online marketing tools like this which we admit can sound daunting.

So why not allow us to help? Our priority is to help businesses just like yours to succeed online.

We have the expertise and the experience so you can have full confidence that your business is in the right hands and is being well looked after. Our team is ready when you are.


Recession Proof Your Business and Dominate Your Market By Turning Your Website Into An Automatic Marketing And Lead Generating Machine

Recession1Are you sick of hearing bad news about the economy?

We sure are. Yes, it is bad and businesses are struggling but it is not all bad news…especially for your business.

Here is the reason why:

Despite one of the worst economies on record, you can take effective action that will not only recession proof your business but will also provide you with the perfect time to blow away your competitors and dominate the market. We are in the midst of a perfect storm.

Everybody is scared. Your competitors are cutting back on their marketing.

Most businesses are totally confused about their online sales and marketing strategy (most don’t even have one).

The internet and mobile marketing now represent the biggest marketing opportunity in the history of mankind. We really are experiencing a cultural and marketing revolution.

Why is this good news for you? Because now is your time to shine. You are going to discover some simple but very effective marketing strategies so you can realistically become the market leader in your field.

You are going to rediscover your love for your website and realize why it is your most important asset right now. You might have forgotten to give it some love lately, but you will soon appreciate how this incredibly loyal tool that never sleeps, take time off, takes breaks and can close a sale for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year will make you a lot of money and explode your profits.

You might be looking at your website right now and thinking that it was a complete waste of money and it has hardly brought you many sales….if any! If you are, you are not alone. Most small business websites don’t work. The problem is; there is too much emphasis put on how they look rather than what they can actually do.

You might have a pretty web site and you might be very proud of it but does it generate any leads? If not then you can join the 99% of business owners out there whose site does absolutely nothing for them.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1)        Most people have their sites designed by a slick designer who knows nothing about marketing.

2)        The site talks solely about themselves and their business and how great they are, while totally neglecting the wants, needs and desires of the potential customer visiting the site.

3)        There are no calls to action anywhere on the site. What do you want your visitors to do when they are there? Do you want them to buy, call you, email you, request a brochure? Whatever it is, you need to tell them.

4)        The visitors coming to the site are not targeted.

5)        There is no plan to build a prospect database (mailing list)

6)        The website doesn’t fit in with their broader online marketing strategy (social networking, mobile marketing, etc)

There is no point in having a pretty site if it doesn’t make you money. Your designer has probably put a lot of time and effort into the site so that it gives the ‘right look and feel’. It might have perfect navigation, have a professional glossy logo and the right colours to create the right mood but there is so much more to having a successful web site than that.

The fact is, unless you have a system for generating leads, keeping in touch with them and being part of a bigger traffic and conversion system your online presence is dead and buried.

Let’s change that. We can help you to get a site that delivers profits for your business and do everything that you hoped it would do and churn out sales and leads 24 hours a day.


Recession2 This is the very first thing that you need to address.

We are deadly seriously, it is the very thing that can make a business owner’s financial dreams come true but it is the number one thing that business owners don’t do.

Unless you are a famous rock star or celebrity, the main purpose of your website is to bring in business….and that means generating leads.

Did you notice it didn’t say ‘sales’, it said leads?

Of course the ultimate objective is to make a sale, but in most cases it is highly unlikely that somebody is going to visit your site for the first time and make a purchase.

To begin with, you need to engage with your visitor, building a relationship with them and gradually generating the lead.  Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business that sells a product or a service. You are going to make many more sales if you capture the lead and nurture it before you get the sale.

There are so many reasons why a visitor may not be quite ready to buy your product when they visit your website.

•          They might be in research mode.

•          They might be comparing solutions or prices

•          They might not trust you yet

•          They might not have the money at the moment.

Whatever the reason, you need to make sure you engage them before they leave your site; otherwise they will be lost to you forever.

This involves encouraging them to leave their name and email details with you before they go.  One great way to do this is by offering a free download, newsletter or special report in return for their name and email address.

People are always happy to receive gifts.  It gives them a perfect opportunity to get a taste of what you can offer them before they buy anything from you. If you are willing to give them an attractive offer that they cannot refuse they will come back and do business with you.

The key to offering free stuff is that it has to be of value to them. Don’t just offer them junk. If they like what you give them their natural inclination will be to come back to you and buy something to return the favor.

So what can you offer?

An eBook.

When you produce a short downloadable book that you can give away for free, your potential customer will have valuable information at their fingertips. It gives them the opportunity to get a sneak peak at what kind of company you are and you might be able to help them in other areas.

A Guide

Give them a step by step booklet that can answer questions that they might have regarding your products or services. If for example you sell carpets and flooring why not give them a guide to help them match up the kind of flooring they should choose for their needs, or a guide that explains the various kinds of flooring available.

An eCourse

An ecourse is simply a series of around 6 or 7 emails on a specific subject which are delivered over a specific period of time. You might think this sounds like too much trouble to go to and isn’t worth it but you would be wrong. Think about it for a moment. You will get a rare opportunity to interact with a potential client for 6 or 7 weeks. You not only get the chance to let them see that you are an expert in your field but the prospect to build up a rapport with them. Each email will bring them closer to doing business with you.


In this instance, giving something away for free is not a bad thing. In reality, it is a huge investment because in return for your efforts, you will get your visitor’s name and email address to continue to communicate with them.

If you didn’t do that, they might have visited your site and left. Even if they liked what they saw and planned to come back at a later date they might have forgotten about you, or been distracted and wooed by another site instead.

A word of warning though:

When the customer leaves their name and address with you, they have entrusted you with something special, private and important. It is vital you never abuse that trust by spamming them. Your aim is not to annoy or upset them but to build up a relationship in order to get them to buy from you.


Recession4 If you want to turn your website into an automatic marketing, lead generating machine to get you lots of extra sales then you are going to have to give it a makeover. The last thing any business wants is to invest a lot of money in creating a pretty web site that looks good but just sits there and doesn’t do anything.

Your site needs to be given super powers to turn it from a very pretty but useless website into something that is going to earn you a lot of money.

Don’t think we are condemning good looking sites. Of course your site needs be well designed. It has to look professional and it should be visually appealing. But at the end of the day it should never be style over substance. It needs to be functional and work for you 24 hours a day, churning out leads and converting those leads to sales….otherwise what is the point?

All the fancy whistles and bells might impress your friends and family but they are not the ones you are selling to. If you site looks good but doesn’t convert visitors into customers all it does is show that you care more about what your website looks like and not what your customer really needs.

Design or Redesign Your Website to Be Marketing Focused With a Call to Action on Every Page

To convert visitors to sales, you need to have a ‘Call to Action’ on every page.

The goal of your site is get visitors off the fence and take some sort of immediate action.

What you need are prospects, but not just any prospects. You need qualified prospects, prospects who are interested enough in what you have to offer to take action, to learn more about your offer, to call you, or place an order and to do it now! That is why your site needs to be marketing-focused.

Your website needs to tell visitors what to do.

•          If you want them to sign up for your newsletter or free report then tell them that they need to enter their name and email address.

•          If you want them to call you for a free quote, then tell them and make sure that your number is right there for them to see.

•          If you want them to take advantage of a special offer then tell them the reason why they need to do it right now (the offer is only valid for a certain time or you only have a specific number in stock)

Your website should never be passive, so they visit and then move on. On every page there should be an instruction or sales button. A ‘Call To Action’ (C.T.A) is simply a strong suggestion to get your visitor to take your desired action.  C.T.A’s can be as simple as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add To Cart’.

If your site is just sitting there in cyberspace doing nothing, that is a wasted use of your most valuable asset.

Most business owners, and sadly the majority of the web design firms, don’t understand that a website isn’t a brochure.  To maximize sales and get your website working for you it needs to be a marketing vehicle and should be designed to be pro-active in generating more leads, more sales and more profits.

It should never, ever just sit there doing nothing!


Recession5 We find too many businesses switch off as soon as the words Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are mentioned.

We see their eyes glaze over and they just don’t want to know.

Just in case you are not familiar with the term, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the visibility of your site to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which find and show your site to people searching on the internet for the type of products or services that you provide.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for your business. What you want is for your listing to be among the first that someone sees when they go to Google and type in your search term and location (i.e.: Plumber in Birmingham).

To have the biggest impact on your sales and profits, you need to be on the 1st page of the results presented to your potential clients.

The reason is simple: Over 95% of your prospects will never go beyond page 1 of the search results.  

Being found on the first page of the search engines has never been more important than it is today.

•          90% of online commercial searches result in local offline purchases.

•          61% of all local searches result in a purchase.

Finding a local business today is almost ALWAYS done online. People have thrown away their Yellow Pages because all of the information that they will ever need is already in their hands on their smart phones. Almost two thirds of customers who make a local search will go on to buy a local product or service.

Thanks to Google Plus Local, businesses now have the opportunity to be more visible than ever to their local customers online…but only if they take advantage of the tools and resources provided.

This is amazing news for your business. Most people are not going to look for a local restaurant, plumber, accountant or any other local business unless they plan on using it. That means when people do a search for a product or service that you provide they are more than likely motivated and ready to buy. So the $64,000 question for you as a local business owner is this:

When Local Prospects Search For What You Sell…..Do They Find You?

If you don’t know why not see for yourself. Go to www. Google.com. Don’t put in your business name.  Try typing in something you think a potential customer would use when looking for one of your products and hit ‘Search’. Did your business come up in the Local Search Results (in spots A-G) for the keywords you entered? If your site wasn’t on page 1 of the Google then the reality is…..

Your Local Customers Won’t Find Your Business!

But do you know who they will find?  You probably saw them in the search results yourself. Yes, you’ve guessed it…..your competitors. In fact local customers will find everyone of your competitors except you.

The facts about local search are this:

  • Your clients will find your business if your local Google listing consistently appears in Google Plus Local search results.
  • If you are not there, your clients will find your competition instead. You won’t be found and you won’t get the business.
  • Your competitors will sweeping up all of the business if you are not ranking. Those are sales that you could be getting.

If you are NOT ranking at the top of the ‘Local Results’ you could potentially be losing out on thousands of extra sales.


Recession6 The only way you can be sure to crush your competition and get your local Google listings consistently appearing in the local results for your top keywords is to work with somebody who knows what they are doing.

Online marketing is a full time job. If you are busy running your bricks and mortar business it is not really something that you can learn in your spare time for a few hours per week.

That is why it is critical for your business that you work with someone who knows exactly what they are doing and knows how to take your local business and market it online.

You currently have 3 options:

Option one:

  • You can spend hours and hours trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own.
  • You waste money in the process if you don’t do it correctly.
  • You waste a huge of amount of your valuable time…time that you will never get back…if it doesn’t work.
  • You get to deal with the stress and frustration of trying to work it out.
  • You spend many hours trying to come up with the most effective keywords so that people can find you.
  • You try to submit your Google Plus Local listing yourself and try not to jeopardize the correct optimization of the page.

Option Two:

  • You do nothing!
  • You continue to do what you have always done, despite the fact that your clients are almost all online now.
  • You let your competitors take business away from because they are going online but you aren’t.

Option Three:

  • Contact our company and let us do everything for you to turn your business into a market leader.
  • Instead of trying to figure it all out yourself, use our company services. That is what we are here for – to make sure you cash in by getting all of the extra sales that you are missing out on right now.
  • We will do everything we can to increase your online presence.

What we can do for you

  • We will make your company more visible on the internet so that when people search for the products or services that you promote, you will be found.
  • This involves getting you top rankings in Google Plus Local and in Google’s regular search results.
  • We take your local business listing information and submit it everywhere that is relevant and important to get you top listings.

Among the Online Tasks that We Can Perform:

  • Design or redesign your website to be marketing-focused and search engine friendly, with calls to action on every page so that your website works for you and encourages visitors to take whatever action you want them to take.
  • We will turn your site into an automatic, 24/7 lead generating machine that collects leads and follows them up, even if you are sleeping, on vacation, spending time with your family or just busy concentrating on working in your bricks and mortar business.
  • Using our specialized knowledge about local Search Engine Optimization, we can position your site highly on both Google Plus Local and Google searches.

If you want your business to be an industry leader and get the extra sales that will be yours when you have a strong online presence, but don’t know where to start, then please call us today or visit our website.