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QR Code Generator

I paid £240 to have this coded so that you can create unlimited QR Codes for your marketing…for FREE

  1. Leave the encoding as UTF-8 (unless you have a specific reason to change it) (Step 1)
  2. Select the size your want your QR code to be
  3. Select the correction level from Low to High, to determine how much back up data you want in the code – the higher the correction level, the more reliable the code, but the more “crowded” your code will look and potentially the less information your code will be able to transmit
  4. Select what you want the QR code to do on your prospect’s smartphone (Step 2)
  5. Fill in the details
  6. Press the “Generate QR Code” button
  7. Preview Your Code
  8. Then either copy the link or download the image file to use in your marketing
Step 1
Encoding: Size: X Correction level:

Step 2